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About Code Minerva
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“Code” is an acronym formed from the words Clarity, Objectivity, Dexterity and Efficiency, which are actually the guiding principles we follow in carrying out our assignments.

“Minerva” is the Goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade and other professions, and strategy as per Roman mythology. As patron Goddess of wisdom, Minerva frequently features on seals, logos and other forms at educational establishments, societies and governments.

Thus, the words “Code” and “Minerva” go hand-in-hand so far as our consulting philosophy is concerned. At Code Minerva, we believe that we have to ‘listen well’ to understand our clients’ needs and have clarity of thought, be objective and professional in our work, use dexterity in providing solutions and complete assignments efficiently to the satisfaction of our clients. We believe in working hard and going that extra mile to provide practical solutions and ensure that we add value to our clients' business.
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